Taipei, Taiwan Itinerary: Golden Age Route Walking Tour

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5 Charming Hotels To Stay in Vientiane, Laos

(This is an unsponsored list of newly-built Vientiane hotels in Laos based on data from I always tell people that Laos is the most underrated destination in Southeast Asia. While other people tell that you can only see so much in Laos, especially in its capital city Vientiane, I would say I’ve never seen … Read more

Travel Plug Adapters in Southeast Asia: A Quick Guide

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Late Lunch at Lola Cafe S Maison

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The Beauty of Learning About Southeast Asia

My love for Southeast Asia started in high school when I had the privilege to compete and win an ASEAN Quiz Show hosted by a private college in my hometown, and along with the trophy are brochures, maps, and information materials about ASEAN and Southeast Asia. I became passionate with learning more about Southeast Asia … Read more

Hong Kong Travel Vlog

Hello, people! So, I had the privilege to travel to Hong Kong a few years back for an academic conference. After my trip, I created this simple Hong Kong travel vlog containing the video clips I took. I am no video editor of some sort, but I hope you will enjoy this simple vlog I … Read more

Taipei, Taiwan Itinerary: Historic Route Walking Tour

ALSO READ:TAIPEI, TAIWAN ITINERARY: GOLDEN AGE ROUTE WALKING TOUR ALSO READ:TAIPEI, TAIWAN ITINERARY: MODERN ROUTE WALKING TOUR Whenever I travel on practically every place (inside or outside the Philippines and Southeast Asia), I always make sure to get to know the place by reading about its history. Aside from the fact that I teach … Read more