I’m trying so hard to combat my laziness and make brisk walking and photo walks a regular thing. Today I was able to pull myself out of bed to go outside and walk around. Boy, Manila is so back to its usual weekday craziness. 🥴

A jeepney at the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch in Binondo District (Chinatown), Manila
A jeepney at the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch in Binondo District (Chinatown), Manila. Taken with Samsung Note10+ and post-processed with VSCO.

I have a lot of passion projects in mind, and I’m tired of making excuses to myself over why I kept on delaying them. On the other hand, no pressure. Passion projects are supposed to be fun and pressure-free.

I stalled the photo essay series on my blog for a while because my external hard drives’ files are so disorganized af and I’m so close to hiring someone to clean them up because it’s taking so much of my time. I need to see things chronologically to find out how far I’ve come in this journey, how my preferences changed over time (because hearts change therefore people change, charot as usual), and which parts do I need to improve.

As cliché as it may sound, practice makes perfect. I’ve been telling myself to try my best to create something every single motherfcking day (beautiful or horrible, doesn’t matter) as a way of practicing my craft (if I may), but there will really be days when you just have zero inspiration. But inspiration is not something that will just fall on your lap from the heavens (or wherever you believe it comes from). You also need to lift a finger for it.

I honestly don’t know what I’m saying. Ignore me. Sometimes I could be a woman of irony. All I’m saying is, I want to be better at photography so bad, so I need 30481048015847 ounces of motivation and 1800389190126 hours of practice. Can somebody tell me where I could get these?

P.S. I brought my mom’s vintage film camera with me and I loaded it with a black and white film (a @fujifilmph Neopan Acros 100II). It was kinda scandalous to take street shots with big white light suddenly flashing towards people’s faces lol. I’m guessing it’s part of the process?


  1. I LOVE your blog so much! It’s fun, insightful, there’s travel and pictures and people. Great work ❤


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