I hope whoever reads this will not get sick and tired of me talking about Money Heist yet! As of writing, I am at Part 3, and sadly, I’m not sure if I still like it since the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain is over (and Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin are gone huhu!). Let’s see, this time I’ll tell you about my type of guy (and why I’m crushing on Alvaro Morte aka the Professor), my thoughts on the implementation of Granular Lockdown in the Philippines, and my love for Sweden and Abba.


If you’re watching Money Heist, you are definitely familiar with how Alvaro Morte (The Professor) was able to plan ALL the possibilities in robbing the Royal Mint of Spain. Moreover, in certain flashbacks during the planning at the estate, it can be observed that the Professor is an introvert, and he never gave in to the advances of both Tokyo and Nairobi. Lastly, when his love story with Raquel developed, we could see his gentleness, his awkwardness, and how he has been there for Raquel 100% of the time, even if he’s leading the heist of the century.

All I’m saying is, I will always be attracted to intelligence. I don’t mean just book smart, but the ability to solve problems and think creatively, something like that. I also like it when someone is passionate about something specific, even if I won’t understand it (as long as it’s not crime, conspiracies, or something imaginary lol).

I would also appreciate it if a guy will not misinterpret my clinginess as neediness (are they the same or different? I’m not sure). I’m strong and independent af, and being clingy is not being dependent. I don’t know, it’s just my love language, and whenever I’m stressed, I just want someone to be physically there with me, just like how the Professor was ALWAYS there for Raquel. Too much confidence can be too douch-ey or asshole-y, so I would rather be with shy type guys, but not to the point that I’m the one carrying and taking care of everything.

I’m rambling, obviously. And I’m not comfortable writing about what I just wrote lol. But there you go. I’m crushing on Alvaro Morte, and when I browsed his Instagram, he seems like a nice person off-cam as well. *heart eyes emoji*


ECQ, MECQ, MECQ with heightened restrictions, MGCQ, GCQ, granular lockdown, hard lockdown. I think these were some of the terms or categorizations of community quarantines that the Philippine government has implemented so far since the pandemic hit the country in 2020. But I seriously don’t understand the point anymore.

Shifting from one category to another depending on the (inaccurate) COVID cases statistics was proven not to contribute to diminishing the cases, at all. The government already has one year worth of data to conclude that, but they seem to remain clueless over what to do, not to mention dealing with the slooooow vaccination roll-out.

I was in Manila most of the time during this pandemic, and I have observed nothing different in these series of lockdown implementations. Sure, restaurants close early and/or do not allow dine-ins, but people still go to work, take the public transportation, and expose themselves to the virus. Plus, those violators in the Barangay level looks unmonitored. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.

So what’s the point of granular lockdown? Yeah, we get it, and we get the difference. We get that the economy must go on and all, but how about you expedite the vaccination and encourage mass testing? I don’t know anymore, really.


I saw a meme on Instagram last time about some netizen creating his own ABBA playlist on Spotify, and challenging Spotify’s ‘This is ABBA’ playlist, which to me was witty and funny! He even named his playlist ‘No, THIS is ABBA’.

Anyhoo, I heard that ABBA just got reunited and started recording new songs again after almost 4 decades. Wow! I thought Westlife reuniting is already something phenomenal.

Of course, we all know about Dancing Queen and Mama Mia (as well as the musical), and one of the first thing that comes to my mind when coming across ABBA is Sweden. I always have this great fascination with Northern Europe for some reason, and as I slowly expose myself with their culture, I am falling in love more and more.

Side story: I almost went to Sweden for my PhD this year. Long story, let’s save that for later. I’m still mending my broken heart over it lol.

But yeah, ABBA. I remember a Korean colleague who presented her paper with me in Bangkok talking about Sweden’s international relations, and she played the music video of Dancing Queen DURING HER PAPER PRESENTATION. It’s something I saw for the first time, but I think it’s kinda cool.

Well, I hope I will get to visit Sweden someday.

Just rambling as usual,


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