It’s Friday! A meeting got cancelled, but I still had one in the afternoon and it went really great. I surely miss talking to people in general (aside from my family, which I was with for quite some time already), and it was quite a refreshing discussion. I can’t believe I’m not dreading on a meeting this time.

Anyhoo, as a Friday tradition, I would always watch a couple of movies to end the week and to prepare for a relaxing weekend. I’m working on NOT working on a weekend, so I hope I could be consistent on that.

I watched two movies (Afterlife of the Party, He’s All That, and waiting on Red Notice), and I think I will be watching more this weekend. Yay!


Well, what can I say? I thought I’ve outgrown these types of movies, but I’m so glad I gave it a try. I always loved movies with beautiful, girly aesthetic. I love all the apartments and houses featured, I love Cassie’s outfits, I love Lisa’s nerdiness, and Max was so attractive! I’m also glad I discovered Spencer Sutherland because of this film!

There’s so much to reflect on here, and this is not a movie review, okay? First, if we all used to party before the pandemic, we’re going to miss it nowadays at some point, right? The dressing up part, the electronic dance music, and just being happy and carefree around people you like hanging out with. It was quite striking to realize something from the scene where Cassie and Lisa fought before Cassie died.

Why would one even choose to hang out and party with people who are terrible and who will not even care if something happens to you? I still think Cassie and Lisa should party, but Lisa has a totally valid point. Life is short to waste moments hanging out with people who will not give a damn about you later.

Another thing I pondered on was cherishing relationships while it lasts, which is in total connection with how I’m working on living in the present. Holding grudges, distancing yourself from people you love, and wasting time not being with them is something that takes precious time away from cherishing those relationships. I’m starting to sound cheesy and ideal right now (which totally do not fit my realist and cynical self), but that also made sense.

The scene I love the most was when Lisa finally had the courage to sign-up for the research assistant position interview she’s been dreaming of. I felt a sense of motivation from that scene because I’m in the process of looking for PhD opportunities. I have always been scared and intimidated of the idea of competing with the best and the brightest in my field all over the world, but I just need to overcome that fear to get started. Hey, I just ALMOST made it to Sweden and made it to the final interview of another prestigious scholarship program, so I think that’s a start!

I love the good feeling this movie has left me. It’s nothing but a typical American movie out there, but I think it’s worth watching. 5 stars!


Another movie I’m glad I gave a chance!

I’ve been seeing articles about this movie lately, emphasizing how Tiktok influencer Addison Rae has reached a point of having her own movie (I don’t know her until reading those articles, btw. You know I was never on Tiktok). True enough, this is just another California high school-centered movie. Nothing against it, really! I love The OC and 90210.

I have a lot of things to say about this movie. Aside from the fact that Addison Rae is such a pretty woman, she and Tanner Buchanan really look good together! I might be cynical about fairy tale romances like this one (both in movies and in real life), but it gave me a nice feeling at the end. I don’t actually need to have or be with someone to feel that way, right?

Also, I LOVE HOW CAMERON’S ROLE IS AN INTROVERT PHOTOGRAPHER! You know me, photography will always be my first and last love. I have been struggling with my creativity lately because of the pandemic and because of the inability to go out more and shoot, but seeing Cameron’s character and relating to his love for photography brought back my love for photography. Movies like this with photographers as characters really inspire me, and I hope there will be more movies like this in the future. I also want to have my own dark room and buy a new camera!

In my next point, I have a confession: I never knew a lot about F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Roaring 20s era before reading the book Babylon Revisited. Sure, I know about The Great Gatsby, but having known that Babylon Revisited is based on F. Scott’s real life is really something to me. I could imagine how colorful it is to live in the Roaring 20s, and it’s nice to see it getting revived in movies, and in parties, just like in Alden’s birthday. I need to read more of F. Scott works, stat!

I don’t recall having kept any photos from my high school prom, but the prom scene has made me reminisce my high school days. I don’t exactly have a date that time, but I could still vividly remember how my girlfriends and I conquered the dancefloor. It was the bomb. And playing the song Kiss Me in the movie, very nostalgic! Cyn’s version is so amazing!


Lastly, Red Notice!

No, I haven’t watched it yet, chill. Another Ryan Reynolds movie (with Gal Gadot and The Rock omg!) sounds very amazing! I’m so excited about it.

The last Ryan Reynolds movie I really loved was The Proposal and it was a long time ago. I have a love and hate feeling for Ryan Reynolds because I still can’t settle myself if he’s good for Blake Lively or not, but at the very least, he’s a long-time crush of mine. Seeing Gal Gadot again in a movie is nice! And lastly, the theme of the movie, a heist! Yay! I’m currently obsessing on Money Heist (can’t stop watching it huhu!) and I definitely cannot wait for Red Notice as well.

Just rambling as usual,


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