Left Brain: International Relations Professor | Right Brain: Travel and Street Photographer | Always finding balance in between.

Most of the time, you will find me either on the platforms of the University lecture halls talking about wars, relationships of countries, terrorism, and all that stuff, or doing research at the library. Otherwise, you might find me sitting in a coffee shop, writing travel articles, editing photos from my past trips, or interviewing some people about all things travel. In between, I’m traveling somewhere.

Not gonna lie, but traveling and working anywhere and anytime I want sounds like a beautiful idea. But for now, I’m okay with squeezing mini-vacations within business trips and making the most out of all holidays and school breaks throughout the year. In which case, I go somewhere new to learn about history, art and culture, food, and existing human conditions. And oh, I have a thing with hotel architecture, street art, and local markets in particular!

As an academic who always craves for knowledge, things like travel writing and photography are naturally close to my heart. I looooove and curating travel photos (check out my homepage to see!), but I wish people will not forget that cosmopolitanism and cultural awareness are still more dope than maintaining a perfect travel social media feed.

On this website, I’m about to tell you that in the grand scheme of things, traveling may not be beautiful 100% of the time, but it’s always just a matter of perspective (just like other things in this world).