Hola, stranger! 👋🏻

I’m Sher, and I’m currently an Assistant Professor of International Studies and Southeast Asian Studies at De La Salle University – Manila, Philippines. My academic research interests include (1) ASEAN and the International Relations of Southeast Asia, (2) War and Terrorism Studies, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, (3) Photography and Conflict, (4) the Politics of Oil-Exporting Nations, and (5) Art and Politics. Lately I’m developing a huge interest in Russian and Post-Soviet Studies. My secret dream job is to be a war photographer and/or a documentary filmmaker. My spirit animals are Christiane Amanpour, Wes Anderson, and the late Anthony Bourdain.

Outside the university,you might find me sitting in a coffee shop, writing random stuff in this blog, editing photos from my past trips, interviewing some people about all things travel, or reading some Penguin classics book. In between, I’m surely traveling somewhere.

I’ve been doing photography both as a hobby and side hustle since 2011, and I specialize in travel and street photography. I’ve photographed destinations and the streets of several towns and cities around the Philippines, Northeast and Southeast Asia, and Europe. I love getting to know a place by observing local markets, street art, and the overall existing human conditions. I’ve been slowly trying to learn and venture out into creating short avant-garde/experimental films.

sherlyn mae hernandez